How you can register your trademark in the EU


Firstly, a trademark is the symbol or word that distinguishes your product or service from other available products or services. A trademark registration provides you with an exclusive right; no one else is allowed to use the trademark for their products or services, not even in their marketing. The trademark itself can be owned by an individual, several holders or a company.

Most commonly, trademark registrations are words, logos, and slogans. Note that these are popular examples, not limitations of the term, because it is also possible to register 3D-marks, sounds, scents, and colours. What can be protected as a trademark, however, varies between jurisdictions.

It is possible to complete an EU trademark application online, which will take around 4 to 6 months to process. Trademark applications are examined by the receiving authority. Once they have been approved, they will be published and be open for opposition: this means that there will be a period during which third-parties can oppose your trademark and prevent it from being registered. Companies such as Otmore offer to assist you or your company in the instance that objections may arise and facilitate the registration process overall.

Perhaps you are also curious as to what the symbols ™ and ® represent. ™ is used to showcase that a word or symbol is a trademark, while the ® means that the trademark is registered. There are different legal standards for these symbols.

New products and services are being launched almost constantly. Your trademark will be extremely important for your reputation and business profile: they are an effective tool for conveying attributes about your company. They also make it easy for customers to find and recognise you. If someone else uses your trademark, it will be possible to pursue legal action. Besides, obtaining trademark registration is not very expensive.

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