Top Must-have Features for Every Event Management App


Do you agree that today’s world runs on mobile apps? If it is something that people can easily interact with and will be useful in our daily living, then there is an app available for it. The event management niche is no exemption. Hence, there are well designed and eye-catchy event management app every organizer in the UK would want to use. On the other hand, poorly designed event management app can be frustrating and might not do what is expected.

Technology is gradually disrupting the event management and hospitality industry in a unique way. And over the years, significant success has been recorded about event reach and awareness. However, the onus is on the event managers to search and utilize the tool that will genuinely deliver expected value. Here, let’s take a look at some must-have features for an ideal event management app;

Security Assurance

Security on the internet is becoming increasingly essential, and the same applies to an event management app. Also, the risk of data theft and hacking are on the high side and demands pro-active solutions with many mobile applications storing personal and sensitive information ranging from contact details to credit and debit cards details. Considering this, security on the mobile app is a must. All event management mobile app must follow the GDPR and provide top-notch data encryption services. Even the event managers won’t have access to user’s data. A fully secure event management app will allow event planners and manager in the UK worry less about hackers and malicious malware.

Secure Ticketing Option

The largest revenue from an event is gotten from the sales of tickets. Therefore, it is critical that a digital event management platform should offer easy ticketing and registration options. There shouldn’t be a chance where the users would be afraid to input their bank details to purchase a ticket because of poor platform security. The application should offer a transparent feature for ticket purchase tracking, and there should be an option to list different ticket types and special deals that can attract massive registration.

Real-Time Event Analytics

It is essential that event organizer in the UK track and keeps tabs of the overall data and process of their event. Monitoring the performance and analyzing real-time data will help influence the future decision of the event manager in subsequent events. Through the real-time event data, an organizer can track if the event was successful and if the reach was maximized. The data that are important to the organizer includes; the number of registered attendees, event website clicks, number of total ticket sales and stats of conversion rates. With these analytics, event managers and marketers can make an informed decision and increase the chance of success.

App Speed

It is demoralizing to look at a screen loading a web page for a long time; no one likes waiting; it is preferred that things are done within a twinkle of an eye. Fast loading web-pages in the app is extremely vital and can help reduce app bounce rates. The users of this age desire a quick solution else they’ll seek something much better. One of the factors that will help improve the speed within the site is the usage of optimizing images and less text content. The images and text should be short and straightforward to enable one-page load faster at a time. No mobile app will work efficiently if it is overloaded with oversized graphics and dimensions that aren’t recommended. Furthermore, the level of app speed is a catalyst to measure the event growth and success level.

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