Flesh and Blood is the Most Exciting Magic Format


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Flesh and Blood is a multiplayer format of playing Magic: The Gathering. It is great for players who are returning to play after a while, new players, and players who want to enjoy the game casually. However, like most other card games, FAB can get extremely competitive, with many players craving to compete and win. Here is a brief FAB guide from to help players know more about the game.

Politics Plays a Part in Competitive FAB

Politics in this case has nothing to do with the country’s elections, but it is about players strategizing to make moves that will help them meet an end. For example, an individual can convince someone else to kill them or someone else off to achieve a common goal. The politics can lead to some players being targeted a lot, but it is part of the game and competitors should get used to it.

Deckbuilding Tips

Combat Chains – In FAB, attacks happen in a chain link. Make sure to synergize your attacks.

Deck requirements – You will need 60 cards minimum, a hero card, weapons, and equipment.

Card Limitations – You may only have up to 3 copies of a single card.

Card legality – Some cards are banned, meaning that players cannot use them. Knowing which cards are banned will prevent you from making a purchase that will be unfortunate to your strategy.

Life total – All players usually start the game at 20 points. However, this can be adjusted. Once the total goes to 0, the player loses.

Game Play

Players in a game – FAB has the option of a one-on-one player format or a multiplayer format. Most player pods are made up of 4 players. The larger the number of players the longer a round will last.

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