The 3 Most Fun EDH Commander Decks


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There are numerous ways to play the game; however, this post focuses on a few fun EDH commander decks you should try to own. These are the ones that get smiles and nods of approval from us at

To make this list, commanders need to have at least one of the following qualifications:

  • There is an obvious way to use them

  • They are good

  • They have a strong casual reputation

Sol’Kanar, the Swamp King

This is one of the most respected commanders. In fact, Sol’Kanar has been popular since the first set Legends. There were two more reprints of Sol’Kanar and is Modern legal. There are obvious ways to use this commander, i.e., as a strong casual cachet and with the life-gaining Black spell trigger. He still gets votes of approval and smiles when players flip him.

Tatyova, Benthic Druid

This legendary creature is a relatively new release; however, she is getting tons of play in EDH. Life gaining and landfall twinned with card drawing are strong together. This commander inspires strategy, ramp, and Simic landfall that are still lots of fun. As a five-mana, she does not accelerate a player’s mana herself. Rather, she helps to ramp out things such as beaters around the five, six, and seven spots like Simic Sky Swallower, which is simply awesome.

Gisa and Geralf

Do you think zombies are fun? If you do, you will love G & G. They do not have first strike or menace, or any other plans. Rather, they are simply a 4/4 vanilla body with nothing much going on. However, they can still do some pretty nifty things on the battlefield, in addition to letting you cast a free Zombie from your graveyard.

Commander is arguably the most varied MTG format available. In a certain way, it is the sushi bar of Magic formats. Nothing is stopping you from trying a little of everything and choosing different color plates.

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