Improve employee safety and lower maintenance costs by utilizing leveling feet


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When designing, constructing, or utilizing heavy machinery for industrial use, you will need to create a solid foundation from which the machine can operate safely and securely. To achieve this, it is required that the machinery be completely level and is resistant to vibrations and shifts in weight and forces. This is where heavy duty leveling feet come in, as they are designed to achieve all these things and more.


Increase employee safety

If your employees are operating heavy machinery, you most certainly are aware of the dangers associated with this. When accidents happen, heavy machinery can have severe consequences, both for your employees and the business itself. Therefore, it is important to try to avoid these accidents from happening.


You probably already use proper shielding, safety mechanisms and other things, that are designed to help with this, but some issues are easily overlooked. One of the most important aspects of safety when operating heavy machinery is to make sure, that machinery remains completely level. Heavy machinery typically vibrates, and these vibrations can slowly displace the machinery, which can expose the employees´ safety in various ways.


To avoid this from happening, you can use leveling feet, that levels out machinery and even bolts it in place. This will therefore remove displacement as a variable on the production floor, thereby increasing employee safety.


Reduce maintenance costs!

By utilizing leveling feet, you can reduce vibrations. Vibrations can, over time, damage machinery, which results in expensive maintenance and repairs. Therefore, you can save money by reducing these vibrations, and you may also increase the lifespan of machinery, which is also something that will save your business a lot of money and time replacing expensive machinery.


There are many advantages to leveling feet, so it is important to always make sure, that you are using the right leveling feet for your situation. Leveling feet should be considered when constructing and designing machinery, but you should also be conscious of your use of leveling feet in the production area. If you are using subpar or inadequate leveling feet, then replacing these will be important for machine longevity and employee safety.

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