Why Are Hygienic Lifting Tables Needed In The Food And Beverage Industry?


During food and beverage production, hygiene is a crucial factor. When you consider that the tiniest introduction of germs into processed food can lead to a series of problems for the manufacturer, it’s easier to understand why they must be extra careful. As a result, all the equipment incorporated into the production chain must meet certain hygiene requirements.


Hygienic work platforms and scissors lifts have quickly become an important utility in the food and beverage industry. These scissor lifts can be integrated into different stages of production and can simplify certain processes. The most important thing is getting a reliable manufacturer like Translyft to design innovative lifting equipment that seamlessly fits your production chain. In this article, we’ll highlight reasons why lifting tables are essential in the food and beverage industry.


Lifting Equipment Are Essential In The Kitchen And Bakeries

Depending on the scale of your kitchen or bakery, you would use various large instruments and require moving ingredients around. When done manually, the movement and transport of mixer bowls may be tough and lead to wastage. Your kitchen staff will have to lift, shift, transport, and empty mixer bowls for extended periods. These repetitive activities can be optimized with a scissor lift. Translyft has developed lifting tables that suit production and assembly. They can also help you design custom solutions depending on your needs.


Lifting Tables Will Move Buckets And Reels Swiftly During Dairy Production

During dairy production, multiple processes require the lifting of heavy objects and the transfer of materials. For instance, heavy Jerry cans and buckets must be moved frequently from the production to the warehouse and back. These items are sometimes serious and fragile. Therefore, they need to be transported carefully. By purchasing a lifting platform, you can handle these items with ease. Translyft has lifting solutions applied to lift materials used in dairy production.


Lifting Tables Can Simplify Material Handling in Meat Production

The processing and production of meat is a specialized process. It’s considered by many to be a craft that’s been honed for years. Modern meat processing has added a few more interesting techniques. Most of the challenges faced during meat production are related to material handling. Every day, heavy boxes of meat have to be lifted and moved within the processing plant. If the meat production process includes packaging, staff would have to lift heavy plastic reels onto machines. These repetitive activities can put a strain on workers and reduce productivity. Lifting tables take care of all the risk of moving around with meat boxes and sacks. It can also make it easier to move reels onto packaging decks.



That’s all on the use of lifting tables in the food and beverage industry. Without any doubt, lifting solutions can make food production faster and more efficient. With hygienic lifting tables from Translyft, you can maintain regulatory compliance and guarantee the safety of consumers.


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