Reasons To Own Your Own Aircraft


Whether you are a pilot taking to the sky simply out of necessity for employment or are an avid flier out of enjoyment, owning your own aircraft can be highly practical. European Aircraft Sales has various models of aircraft for sale in Europe. The variety of aircrafts is such that there are planes for long-time pilots as well as pilots to-be; some are ideal for learning and developing skills, while others are more challenging to navigate.

If you are contemplating purchasing your own aircraft, that may be an indicator in itself that you are ready for the investment. Before you decide on any particular craft, it is of course important for you to consider what your goals are, what the benefits for you would be, the cost margins and alternative ways to fly (i.e., renting planes instead).

One of the reasons some pilots own their own aircrafts is due to the capacity for a personalised set-up. You can select your own cockpit, headset, seat configuration and so forth. Furthermore, renting planes may be too limiting for some pilots. Maybe you want to travel overnight? Or tend to plan trips on a whim? Having your own plane provides a lot of scheduling freedom.

Owning your own plane also opens you up to a new community of people. You might make a life-long friend at the airport. Ownership is also a useful way to increase your flight hours; some pilots are working towards certificates or ratings.

When you are the one ensuring that your equipment is up-to-date and effectively maintained, you will likely have greater trust in the aircraft’s performance than if you were renting. Over time you will become so familiar with your plane that it will only take a moment to notice if something is not working as it should.

What would your reasons for ownership be?

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