Improving the quality of your video web chats.


Most of the time there are two ways of having video web chats. With headphones on or with tinny sound that means you lose half the conversation. There are ways round this. Some are to do with software and we’ll take a brief look at those, but mostly it’s a question of connection and hardware.


Depends on what you want to do. Skype and Facebook messenger can give you a decent experience but other software like Go To Meeting and the like may give you a better experience.


There are several ways you can improve your experience and get rid of the headphones. Upgrade your webcam. Get a better microphone and speakers. These will help but they aren’t optimised to work together and by the time you’ve bought all the separate pieces of kit, you’re likely to have spent close to what a professional system would cost without the durability, reliability or quality of something like the pro level of NEETS AV equipment. The first time you use a made for purpose, integrated professional system, you’ll find it very hard to go back to an amateur set up.


There may not be that much you can do to about loss of broadband connection except check what other suppliers are available in your area. But it’s a good idea to check to see if your WIFI connection could be to blame. Probably the best hotfix is to go with the old-school of running a cable from your laptop your router. Not as a permanent solution but to test whether it gives you a better connection. If it does, look into getting a Wi-Fi booster. If it doesn’t, change your provider. You’ll find there will usually be some deals to attract new customers that make up for the hassle of switching.

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